John W. Mills – Coin Designer Extraordinaire…

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1995twopoundwwiiburev400I was contacted recently by friend who is currently doing her PhD on The Decorated Schools or Pictures for Schools Program, a post war initiative to get art and sculpture directly into and onto new school buildings…

As part of her research, she is hoping to interview an artist and sculptor by the name of John W. Mills, a man responsible both for selecting and creating many of the artworks that went into the initiative. The name rang a distant bell when I read it, but it wasn’t until I visited Mr. Mill’s site and specifically the pages on coins that he has designed, that I realised why…

As well as creating some very fine sculptural work over his long and distinguished career, John Mills has designed five UK Commemorative coins over the last twenty years or so, all of which have always been in my list of favourites…

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  1. […] month I made a visit to sculptor John W Mills at his home of 47 years, Hinxworth Place in Hertfordshire, to follow up on correspondence via […]

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