Architecture Schools for Children

Architecture and Education

Photo courtesy of from the workshop “Exploradores del Espacio” [Space Explorers] by the Fundación Telefónica Madrid.

The following is a list of architecture schools for children – if you know of others, please get in touch via the “Comments” box below. Also on this site is a list of museums of school and education.

I love the idea that young people might learn about design and architecture for its own sake and for fun. But I also think there’s something more serious about teaching children how to (and that they have a right to) take part in transforming their built world, a form of spatial and environmental literacy perhaps that we could all do with, young and old.



Helsinki – Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth



Bavaria – The Bavarian Chamber of Architects has a range of events [Thanks to…

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2 Comments on “Architecture Schools for Children”

  1. Emma Dyer says:

    Many thanks for re-posting this on your gorgeous blog, I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thanks so much – great to know someone is reading … I’m sorry, I was going to add an explanatory paragraph as I was really interested in this post in the context of visual education (I think Pictures for Schools can be seen as part of a much bigger post-war project of popular education, and trying to interest children in the places around them as potential sites for action and transformation) but in the end I was lazy and decided to let the post speak for itself!

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